A more important war than Iraq and Afghanistan combined: No more concessions to Islam in the US

“Earnest Muslims are using every method they can think of to shut down criticism and free speech.

They legally lobby politicians and media outlets, pressuring them to silence or fire someone who criticized Islam. They slander anyone who criticizes Islam by calling them “Islamophobic” or “racist.” They bring lawsuits against people even if they know they will not win because the bad press is damaging enough. And they riot in the streets.

After a Dutch newspaper published a cartoon depicting Mohammad, Muslims rioted all over Europe, leaving 187 people dead and making publishers think twice about publishing something critical to Islam again.

And this aggressive religion will keep pushing unless we stop it. A sufficient number of them will not try to be fair, will not try to “assimilate” into the European or American culture, and will never let up on the pressure to take over. It is their religious duty.

The way to stop its spread without being cruel or violent is to establish the policy: No more concessions to Islam.”


This is why it is not “Islamophobia” or “intolerance” to say, “No, you may not build your mosque in our city. No, you may not send more immigrants to our country – in fact, we would like you to go back home now.” – because, folks, the more numbers Islam has, here in the US, the more power they have. They know this.

Here’s an example: the very first Muslim congressman – ever – was elected in Minnesota. Let me ask you, do you think that all those Andersons, Swensons and Johnsons, all those Swedes and Norwegians, had a Muslim as their first choice?

Being the kind, friendly people they are, Minnesotans warmly welcomed more and more Somali Muslims into their state.

“With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, Ellison received 135,519 votes, Fine 51,896, and Lee, 51,250.”


And just as you would be right to object to Muslims storing up ever-increasing stores of ammunition and explosives in your neighborhood, you are responding to a very real threat when you object to ever-increasing numbers of Muslims.

It’s not that the individual people are bad people. They may actually be very nice. But they are part of a totalitarian ideology that wants to destroy your way of life and replace it with Sharia Law. That’s not wild paranoia, that’s the clearly stated intent of Islam.

We certainly would not advocate treating any person badly – but that doesn’t mean we have to let Islam come in and push its way into our lives.

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