“Love stronger than hate”

“Last week, the offices of “Charlie Hebdo”, a French newspaper, were burned down by muslim extremists because they depicted the prophet on their cover. Here is their cover for next week. (title says “Love stronger than hate”)”



“Good move. They really shouldn’t back down on this one and the rest of the world should start supporting blasphemy rather than supporting violence in the name of religion.”


“I absolutely agree.

While I (an ex-Muslim who at one point wished to become an imam and gained a firm grasp of both the Qur’an and Sunnah&Hadith) am not of the view that the Islamic canon is as peaceful as most would like to believe, I will say that this kind of knee-jerk reactionary violence is unacceptable under any reasonable reading of that canon. Violence in the name of religion is horrible, and it’s made even more senseless and incomprehensible when the perpetrators are in the wrong according to their faith.

Sectarian violence has an association with Islam at this point that is not altogether unfair, due in large part to actions by believers which should not be tolerated by the Muslims of the world. And unfortunately, the proof is in the pudding: passages which may be construed to condone violence against unbelievers often have that interpretation solidified in the minds of the general populace when some of the people construing the passages that way are the ones doing the violence.

It’s just frustrating. Again, while I don’t think that Islam is entirely a religion of peace, it bothers me that Muslims so often act in such a manner as to contradict not only their own humanity but indeed their claims of peacefulness.”


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