WikiLeaks: British taxpayers’ money bankrolled al-Qaeda aide Mullan Haji Rohullah

“British taxpayers’ money was used to bankroll an Afghan politician who was sent to Guantánamo Bay after being exposed as an al-Qaeda aide. Mullan Haji Rohullah received more than £300,000 to destroy his opium crop – but he sold the drugs and kept the money from the Department for International Development.

Four of the Guantánamo detainees were “British intelligence sources” who betrayed their paymasters.”

How many times do we have to be betrayed before we learn? Will our leaders ever grasp the concept of taqiyya? Will they stop being gullible buffoons and start taking serious measures to protect our citizens? Will they pay attention to the words of the Fort Hood killer, who said, “I am a Muslim first and an American second.”? Of what value is an oath of allegiance from someone who has already sworn allegiance to Allah?

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