WikiLeaks: British mosque “served to facilitate and training of recruits”

“The [British] Government has paid millions of pounds in compensation and benefits to people regarded as highly dangerous by the US authorities.

Qatada, who was paid compensation under human rights laws for being “unfairly detained”, is described as “the most successful recruiter in Europe” and a “focal point for extremist fundraising [and] recruitment”. Hamza is accused of encouraging “his followers to murder non-Muslims”.

Four mosques in London and an Islamic centre are highlighted as places where young Muslim men were radicalised and turned into potential terrorists. Finsbury Park mosque “served to facilitate and training of recruits,” note the files, adding that it was “a haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria.”

Posing as a “religious center” or “community center” is a ploy used by Islamists to build training and recruiting facilities right here, on our soil.
The building of mosques should be halted immediately – not just at the ground zero site, but anywhere on American soil. Every mosque is a potential foothold for an enemy that plans to attack and destroy us.

Is America going to be as gullible as Great Britain?

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