The Muslim Brotherhood’s slogan in Egypt: “Islam is the solution.”

by Kirsten Powers

“During the last elections, the Brotherhood’s slogan was “Islam is the solution.” Its logo is a black flag with a sword and the Koran.

I spent much of yesterday interviewing American experts on the region—including two Brookings Institution scholars who are experts on the Muslim Brotherhood—and was reassured over and over that the organization has reformed and does not seek to establish a fundamentalist state. One claimed that Brotherhood officials have said they view Copts as equal citizens.

My relative laughed at this. He says when Brotherhood members have been asked about how they would treat Christians they are vague. When asked about whether they would nationalize the banks, they are vague.

Even one of the Brookings scholars told me that the Brotherhood would probably segregate the sexes.

“This is far from a secular group.”


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