“Homegrown” Terror Hearing

Many (though not all) homegrown terrorists are IMMIGRANTS, a term that PC Washington is loathe to use, because the next question is: Why do we continue to welcome likely enemies?

RE: the hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee held September 22 titled Nine Years after 9/11: Confronting the Threat to the Homeland.

Senator Collins made some revealing remarks in her opening statement, mentioning a 2010 study (Assessing the Terrorist Threat) which reported,

“‘The American melting pot has not provided a firewall against the radicalization and recruitment of American citizens and residents though it has arguably lulled us into a sense of complacency that homegrown terrorism couldn’t happen in the United States.’

Initially I remember we thought this was a problem that western Europe would have but that we would not have because of the differences in our culture.”

It’s both disappointing and dangerous that our leaders have so little grasp of either history or psychology.


“It has been well documented that when the number of Muslims within a non-Muslim society reaches a critical mass, trouble begins and worsens with increased Islamic presence.”


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